Sat, 19 Jan 2008

by - 3:37 AM

Hi people!
Im back!
from best .
I gotta a new comp le!

Well, good thinq that I have le .
Now can stay on friendster and msn le .

But cant ply any games .
Maple cant .

Audi and HighStreet5 can, but my jie is the admin . And I need to have her password, so that I can download any thing .

Msn is she help me de .
But she sure don't allow and let me play Audi and HighStreet5 .

Sad lorh . But no choice lah . At least I gotta a new to write blog le .
and upload youtube videos .
Hahas ..Brendon and Ah Lian beware!! (jkjk la)

Now listening tuh MiLuBing de Lu .
Damn nice!!
Monday Golden Path end .
Tay Ping Hui(kaijie) go and die la!!!
If you dare to kill Lin Fei (Felicia Chin), you die die die!!
(That song bit blur ..recorded mah? In imeem .)

Wah, I prefer WindowXP .
This comp cant see pics or qo anywhere deh ..
damn baka!!! zzz.. .. ..

Well, girlfriends not on MSN .
No one tuh talk tuh .
Damn sian ..
T_T sobsob F4!!!

gotta go le .. nothing to write and do ..
(ytd went to donovan's hse with Jeslyn, hse like pig's)

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