Sat, 26 Jan 2008

by - 11:15 PM

Bored and Undead Life

This is like crazy . Audi damn noob . Maple level damn low . Not playing highstreet5 . Not playing habbo or anything . Life is like an undead . XiaXue not posting le . I'm like bored to craze . Talking to Joey now and nothing to do . Audition need Admin password, which I don't have .

Can't play .

This is like going to end of the world . Woke up early, but slacked in the bed, day-dreaming . Thinking which year, the earth will be gone . And why was I born in this lame world .

But I'm hungry . I can't think . Mother had gone to the funeral . I'm alone at home . I'm, of coause writing my famous blog .(Wah, too thick skin le)

Listening to Inuyasha Songs . Think about it. I was over crazy about it with Shu Xian when we were Pri5. (that time I can't watch)

And now, years passed . I'm a current punggolite, sometimes, not really proud of it. I'm hurngy. I need to eat lunch. I need money. That's why I love money so damn much.

I'm like hell bored.

Going to watch Youtube or maybe to see can watch Death Note Anime faster .
Bored, bored, bored .

Monday maybe not going for choir. Cause is Mrs Liew . And I'm hungry, which people think that it's not the correct reason for not going .

Then tell me, what's that correct reason??

Bored to death ...

tada~ soyonara .

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