Tuesday, 22 Jan 2008

by - 3:03 AM

yOyOs guys ~
Some lamer went to my blog and type in my tagbOard .
Hahas ..
Lame, I wanna train Maple or not why you care?
Hahas .
You inlove with her say la .
Think you not in Singapore, I care?
You must be in Singapore before la .
And you must have fcuked JACQUELINE before,
or is it Jacqueline sent you a fake chio bu photo like she did to WeiXiang and JayChen?
Some ass hole, you think you so damn shuai ge, is it?
Like, save your own dick for Jacqueline the 'Chio Bu' barhs ..

Maple is SO~ Out of Date ~
High Class people all went to play better games .
I bet you also wanna know what's the games, right? Fucker .

anyway, she isn't dhe onli one byy dhe name jacqueline . . dont get so worked up, ur sperms will diie. LMAOS!

Sucker, you go and kiss her la .
You dare say some more, she die .
I'm going to slap her in her face the very next day .
And I don't wanna call you as I will waste my time and money on you and her, this type of lowly people . LCP*
*Low-Class Pig

You dare and come Singapore la .
See who better .
For godness' sake, she's just a lowly 13 year old aunti, and go kiss her ass .
Fucker, you and Jacqueline die .

If you love her, shut up or she die ~


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