by - 6:23 AM

Last Warning To All

Spammers are not welcome, even if you spam good things, like 'love you' or 'miss you' . You will still kena ban. Not really my fault, over 3times having the same message again and again will kena ban. So, it's really up to you.

If you dislike me, I don't really mind and care, as you never even wanna be my friend. If you wanna be my friend, then you should come and tell me what you hate about me and ask me to change. If I treated you nicely, I will change. Everyone have flaws. Don't think that you are human and we are not.

To those who said I look like a pig. Go back home and look at yourself in the mirror. Humans look kinda the same, so if really I look like a pig, then so do you.

And to those who nicely wanna spam or flood my message cause you in love with me or shit ass hell, pls don't do so, as you will be ban by me and the cbox.


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