Wed, 23 Jan 2008

by - 4:49 AM

Hi people,
last two days gotta a bad nightmare about Jacqueline .
Said How Tiong, my temple's friend, lent me this phone,
that shaker hand, which I don't think he got .
And Jacqueline chased me 'round and 'round from Hougang to rivervale and to Hougang again .
Wah, damn xia si ren .
Then, woke up so damn tired .
Headache today again .
Got choir, but never go . Headache .
And went to Yi Lin's house play audi and felt better .
But my audi damn bad liao .
Last time 'Destiny' and 'Chinese Lady' can top first .
But now cant le .
What's wrong?
And I forgotton my user .
Need to use Yi Lin's lvl 13 .
Going to make a new account .
Pls add me .
Tell you all the user name asap .
think is angelus_gurl
Well, science textbook don't know how to do .
I mean workbook .
Today, Joey lost her wallet .
Found it, with $5 missing .
Lent her $$ .
Poor $$ fly away liao .
'Fly away~ yong bu ...' F.i.R
Jacqueline said a sorry . Bt unless I see a better person, I don't care talking to her . And you don't say I mean to her .
Listen to audi songs now . U Know la ~ Yar ..
Okay, gotta Journal back . Yup, Mrs Hwee said, Jacqueline's trying to impress us ..
Okay, I'm so ever tired .
Tomorrow still got P.E .
Have to sleep early .
I really forgotton what to write ..
Keep on thinking that I wanna write this and that, and now?
Can, but forgotton . ZZZ...

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