Wed, 30 Jan 2008

by - 2:56 AM

Blur Manager

Like, this was the worst interview I ever seen in my whole life . This interview made me look like a total fool . I was thinking in my mind, OMG! What are you doing, bloody ass?? Kaos sia ..

My job interview was in Mac at 4pm . Damn baka teacher I ever seen, who's that?

Mrs Liew . And don't ask me why . Cause she made us sang 'Be our Guest' like siao . Repeatedly all the time . Said that we sang not good . She think she can go that high then so damn proud lorhs . Then it's four in the afternoon and I was going for my interview . I mean, I'm suppose to have my interview that time . Baka!

Heard from the rest of the poor choir members that they were to stay till 6 in the evening . Good that I went off, pang seh that Mrs Liew . And went to the bus stop and saw Kai Teck . He was waiting for his 'AiAi' . (Thricia's sis) Whom is unlucky to be in choir too .

Has, she also pang seh choir and came out looking for him . Talked to him for half an hour and told the Mac Manager that I'm going to be late . And meeting them at 5.45PM .

That manager told me, sure . And when I slowly went there, she and he told me that the guy manager called wrongly, as he didn't saw the birthdays .

Well, I told him that he also called all of my friends, whose birthdays are not over . What was he thinking??? He hazily told me a sorry and told me that he will call me again on march, after my birthday .

The feeling was, "Kao Bei?!? What are you trying to do?? Like I have the time of my life to come and go from here when ever I wanna to???"

Crazy is the word .

Saw Casslyn there too . Talked to her and left home hurriedly .

Yummy Food, Here I come!

I went to the temple and helped out . Sort of helped out larh . Not getting them any problem . And was asked to go t eat a big feast . That's yesterday . Got Shark Fin . And lots . Then went to drink the beer, not bad sia .. Then played with my temple friends .

Bo ice-cream, but got alot of food . Not really that nice, but still can eat . i thought it can be better .

Then early in the morning, kena lost voice, then don't wanna go to school, headache also .Now wanna go and do Mrs Hwee's compo le . 700 words . Crazy ~


P.S Tomorrow sure die, cause no MC nor letter .

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