Friday, 1 Feb 2008

by - 5:40 AM

Today very tired . No tittle for today . Although School ended early, but I still got kidsREAD meeting and YiLin said wanna join, but in the end backed off as she saw baka Harry . Omg, now left me alone le . Whatever . Then need to go Choir .

Today, Choir was in the hall . We are going to perform for CNY . Saw Band . But, really, I do miss band alot, but the ms ten don't let me in percussion, so I will never go back, unless she let me in forever . And it makes me very angry till now that Ms Ten only reopened the percussion just after I lefted . What a crap!

Forget it .

Then today, Mrs Liew asked us to sing loudly . It was, like omg~ I'm like yelling then singing, and she said we sang very the good sia .

My thoat till now till very pain .

Remember last year, Sec1, I was still in Band and I was in there helping out in Percussion Section . Now, I'm not in band, but Choir . Seeing si Brendon playing my dearest bass drum, I felt so hurt . My dear dear bass drum~ Haiis ...

We sang the Whole New World song la .. Now the school is in love with disney songs le . Like so old le .. Whatever ..

And just can't believe that Edison Chen really did that!! More details? Go xiaxue's bloqqie .
But don't ever click the bloody link, unless you are a sicko . Like that 'beating people's head guy' who collects people msn pics .

Yi Lin and Joey got a fight ... Pisces don't worry, we are like that .. relax and hack care, but I know you will think alot about it . Just like me ...
(calm down and look to the fornt, everything will be okay~)



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