Friday, 15 Feb 2008

by - 5:03 AM

Home Early

Today suppose to go out with Jeslyn, Alethea, Ruwaidah and Rachel to PS to watch 'lao shi jia lao da' .But then, Ruwaidah was force to go Girl Guides, poor her and so Rachel also not going to watch movie too . So Jeslyn and Alethea thought of going to Tamp with Joey. And I'm fine with it .

Mrs Hwee didn't came to school today, good choice! Cause today is 'Total Defend Day' and the first two period no fans and light . I have not pass up my journal . Then I at English class Emo-inq lo . Nothing better to do .

Then went to locker after school, Joey wanna me to put her books inside and hurry up . Then they cannot wait anymore, so they asked Joey to tell me to go and find them at toilet, but I can't hear her as my ears were listening to music . Then I can't find them .

So I went to the bus stop to look for them, clever right? But I can't find them too . Then went home with Fiona~ Took bus 85 home from school for the very first time in my school-life . Hahas .

Jacqueline owe my my present!! Remember !!! You still owe me!!


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