Friday, 22 Feb 2008

by - 4:57 AM

Sickening days never ends .

This few days so tired . No matter how much I try to sleep, I will wake up the very next day with my eyes pain, and so tired that I can go to sleep at anytime . Why? Why? Why?

I really don't understand what really happen, but one thing I know is that I need alot of sleep . How can this happen? Eyes pain!!

Today wanted to go home early, but I got the Innovation Fair at NYP(my sis's poly) then, called home and mother's handphone no one answer . How can it be? Then went home at 6 plus . Mother finally called me when I was at Compass Point . I really can't stand Starhud's prepaid phone .

Wah, got this teacher, damn shucky . She make Old Hen look like an ANGEL~ She damn fan si ren le, Sickening!! Good thing that time she didn't saw my handphone and headset . Lucky~

Then when we going home just now, then sleep in the bus . Yi Lin's bag = to my pillow . hahas . Emo emo emo emoo~ haiis ..

Then this morning, Mrs Ow-yong caught me . She asked me to go back to band . No way, cause band got betrayers, backstabbers or complain kings and queens . Nah, I thinking about it . Think I really don't know? Cause that bytch told me that . Hahs~ Thanks a million, Bytch! Hahs~

Then Jeslyn saved me by telling her that we are going to be late . And in the end we didn't even take the lift .

That's all for today .

My sister change the timing and I have lesser time to on computer le . So my blog will be a bit slow to update things or anthing .

And please go to . That's our blog~ It's nothing in it yet, but once Charmaine make her earings and everything, we are going to update it . So please buy from us lots . Thanks!



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