by - 2:15 AM

I cost $1,485,958 . Cool right? Just now at twiny's house using his computer . Why do I come all the way here just to play his computer? It's so damn laggy and makes me freak out . But then, finally I can go to people's blog, like cheryl dearest, kelly, alethea, jeslyn aiai, fiona xingan and more .

Today not so tired, but still sian-edd and tired too . Yesterday really cannnot da han le then didn't go Choir . Went home and sleep for hours till this morning, but late . No detention(:

Today really make me hate mrtan more than yesterday . As he made me to that lame and useless VE project, which I have been kicked out of my group, and I'm stuck doing it with Alvis and Jacqueline . Wanna do pencil holders, but instead we do bookmarks . Anyhow do and the reflection, writen by me was all shyt . Mr Tan still at least understand what I'm writing about .

Shahid teacher teaches me maths today, exchange place with Winona and learn that I can't even understand what the heck Mr Tan is talking about . I really gave up understanding him and I've a teacher, Shahid, the class most wanted tutor . And Da Jie Fu to teach me le .

Going to do homework and slp liao.. bb~

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