Mon, 11 Feb 2008

by - 4:15 AM

Nick Names

Well, hahas .. looking for alot of people to be my gan or anything more~ Well, cause I'm bored and I want more friends!! hahas~ I'm friendly~ Woot~ hahas .. I'm not like ChooKait(spelling right?), he's a sicko, while I'm not!! Hahas.. What he 100% not sicko ... -.-


Edmund Twiny~
Jeslyn AiiAii
Cheryl Dearest
Joey SiaoCharrBo
YiLin Baobeii
YeeZheng GanKor
KaiTeck GanKor
Kennel DarDar
Jacqueline Cutie
and more more la!!

Whatever .

Maths Common Test

I really really can't believe that I failed my Maths!!! 2 more marks, which convect = 20 more marks to pass over a 100. Damn it!! If I show it to er jie, I'm doomed for sure!!!

And how can Brendon win me!?! That's mean I fell back!! And that means Im not hardworking!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhh!!!!!!

Damn!!! I have to jyjyjyjyjy!!! JunYang!!! Study harder!! I must win him MATH, ENGLISH, and my CHINESE!! I just slack everything ..

From the day on, I must try and try to jiayous in my work or just anything!! Maths can ask Jeslyn AiiAii or Brendon GanPaPa .
Chinese don't need to ask la, if really then Brendon GanPaPa lo .
Sci can ask Rachel, if she have that time lo .

No slacker worhs~


jingwen ..
sleeping at 10.05pm . T_T
P.S help me with my maths paper!! Who's going to sign?? Not my mum or sis!!!

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