Mon, 18 Feb 2008

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Slacking in Compass

Today woke up late, but still can go to school early . But missed bus 83 as waiting for Jeslyn, who same as me woke up late, but I'm not as late as her . If not for History Common Test, I sure don't really wanna go . Then, okay we were not late . Saw Jacqueline and asked her to wait for Jeslyn for me . Then saw Ruwaidah also . Then the prefect wanted to close the gate then we rushed in . So, all the late-comers, if not for us, you all sure late!! Must thanks us~

Then I was about to go down to the bus stop again to wait for Jeslyn when she walked up the stairs . So, we were not late! Good and lucky~

The History Test was pretty easy . I'm sure I can pass, my target was 18 to 20 over 25?? Hahas .. Then MrTan got NCC Camp, so he was not here today, and Maths lesson we are free to do anything we wanna do .

*When I saw the word 'Jacqueline', I thought it was 'Juventus' as I wasn't wearing spec!! Hahas~

Yar, Maths class, emo-ing too . But not long lo . Then so fast after school . So I'm so happy that I don't even know!!(:

Then went to Compass Point with Jeslyn and Fiona . Okay, then Brendon Lim, he said he wanna buy the cake for Ms Lee's leaving party, but he kept saying what wait, then we waited him for 3plus to 6plus . He's a shucker . Hate him to the bloody core!! 'Birds of the same kind fly together', correct?? Spelling right? Then we talked things like why does our school teachers are so, one-of-a-kind? And what DMs really want our hair to be like? And why people like 'him' so thick skin to said he's so handsome???!?!? No wonder the Earth is roundd(:

Then we saw Erica and friends and we talked for awhile before they all went home . Then chat awhile and we saw Kelly coming out of the LRT . Then she joined us and we talked craps . Then 5.30pm we went home .

Walked with Fiona to her home before going back to mine, and Jeslyn walked the longest way of all . She took a big leaf and played, saying she's going to bring it to school tomorrow . Of cause not, she then throw away after that . The leaf so yuckly~

Then went home and on computer for less than half-an hour, like only 15mins then off le .

That's all, going to spent my 10mins time left on watching Tsubasa half way and gone! Hahas~

; jingwen
i'm EMO ???

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