Mon, 25 Feb 2008

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Interesting Weekend

Last weekend is so fun . Went out for the whole two days and spent lots of money T_T !! Saw nice tees and shorts and more .

Sat, woke up late at 10.30am, but continue to sleep . 11.30am and i'm meeting Fiona at Hougang Mall at noon . So late! But then, still can watch TV and eat breakfast . Fiona sms-ed me to tell me that Hermen is going and she will be late too, and asked wanna take a cab or not, then rushed to her house there in 5mins time . Saw her in her Little-Miss-Twins tee and took a cab at 118 there . But she had to go back home as she forgotton to bring along her money . Then about 1pm plus, we took bus 80 and went to bugis .

The ride was so long, as if never-ending . But at least I learnt something on the ride . Why people always use 'Hotel 81', instead of a normal hotel or motel . Cause it's in Geylang, stupid! Correct spelling?

And there's a guy, a old man, whose phone is more old-piang than mine and have that Chinese New Year old as ringtone . Nuts! CNY over already, why lazy to change? Make a fool of himself there . And he still let it rang for so long before he even pick it up . What was he even thinking??

And got this very funny old man infornt of me, he have a donation sticker on his arm! Does he even know? Pics will be upload in the next post . Please laugh when I post it! HAHAS!!

Then went to walk walk here and there . Fiona and Hermen damn diam lo . Then I also very diam . Anyways, no one wants to take the plasic bag full of heavy skinnies . Spelling wrong?? Haiis, everything like that, wrong spelling!! Then, in the end, Hermen took it, hahas .

Flora joined us at 'round 5plus and walked to about 7plus when we insisted to watch moive, but all shows started already . No shows to watch . Then slack-edd 'round and went home by taking a cab home at about 8pm and reach home about 8.30pm . Taxi fee about $16.60 and it's so cheap already . Mum's still complaining about it, what can I even do? Lols!

Phone Yi Lin, but she didn't sms me back . So we didn't waited for her and go lo . But it was so fun . Not bad sia~

Sunday, went out to play xiao qiang with Jeslyn . What a very paiseh day for me . Hahas, but it's fun . A aunti almost triped over the string and fell . Thanks goodness! And many people stared at us, as we are aliens . And we're not! Can't see why those people are not afraid, but it's not even scary, it's funny, many people laugh . I think we acted like fools yesterday . But we enjoy ourselves, right Jeslyn ?? ? Hahas ..

School Days

DNT Common Test today and it was so diff!! I'm sure I fail it! Like, I have no freaking idea of what I was drawing or even writing, so don't even talk about it . And maths, I cannot even understand what Mr.Tan is talking about . Nevermind, now sleep tight and rest, later then chiong like siao! GOGOGO!!!


P.S Remember to see my updates of pics~

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