Mon, 4 Feb 2008

by - 5:53 AM

today just die .
Common test was Maths and it was very hard . I really can't believe it . I'm sure I fail everything . And I'm sure die .
Today, got Choir and after that, we, Jeslyn and me went to Kovan and saw this kawaii Jap clothes shop that sold each things $67 . Per shirt and shirt and everything you can think of . And it was very ex . Can't believe it .
Then we walked all the way from Kovan to Hougang Mall . Jeslyn thought it was near . And that lady was right . It was not a walking distant . People thought we were going to take bus, but no, we walked .
And finally, we reached Hougang Mall . Jeslyn bought one nail polish . Number 343 . ^^
Each $0.90 only .
And we just walked around here and there . Talked craps . Like that Kao Bei Song which got that 'LLL' and invented 'LYMV' . Has!
Of cause, we didn't walked home from Hougang Mall to Seng Kang la . We took 27 bus home . And I have no homework . Think so ba . Can't play audi this few days or weeks ba .
Tomorrow maybe going to Bugis . Don't know, up to Jeslyn barhs ...

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