Sucky Drivers

by - 5:05 AM


Sucky Drivers

Tell me what's wrong with those drivers? Are they blind or just not be bother to shoo away from us?? Why can't they shut up complaining that we, passer-by, walk so slow? They also drive so damn slow, we didn't even say anything about them .

They don't wanna on their side light(that light which tells you it's going left or right), and we don't even know which directions that car wanna go . Then say we anyhow walk, when you didn't even on the light . Who knows where you wanna go??

Next, it's about the crossing road . Can you wait? You know that the cars will be coming from the other side, then why stop at the end when we need to cross?? That bloody taxi driver, you don't know who I'm, nevermmind . If this is Wendy(xiaxue), you sure doom, she will say till you become popular~

You blocked me just now just outside SengKang Blk239 there, that traffic there . You think I can let you off so easily? You're doom!! If I ever see a taxi like you, I sure will not let you off so damn easily . Today, I just stared and diao-edd you, next time any taxi driver do this, you will pay for it . I will use my textbook(not maths$21) to smack at you . Then you can sing 'Smack That' by Akon .

I will yell and make a scen there . See if you can stand it . And if you rush to anywhere to earn money, I will make you lose money . See who's smarter . Are you smarter than a sec two?? Lols .

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