Sun, 10 Feb 2008

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I really can't believe that it's a long time since I wrote my blog . Well, let's us begin with ...
I don't know ..

Chinese New Year

Wow, althought it's a New Year, but I felt like, erm, let say .. boring? Yesterday was chatting with Dearest on MSN and it was damn boring . As least she agreed with me . Don't you find that most people nowadays, when chatting on MSN, what they type was 'LOLS', "dotz", 'lawls', lmaos and more .. Those are the short forms that people make and now we have anything to chat about, only those .. I really sick of it .

And to those people who are always playing their own stupid games, please do not go online and when we talked to you, you yell into our face saying we made you lose or die . If you wanna stay alive, then log off your msn then . And to those people, I was one of them, if you have anything to do, chat is fine with us, but please do not go spamming or flooding, whatever you called . And those MSN winks to just dee siao people . If you have really nothing to do, then please go help your mother with households, it's New Year!

Back to New Year, that DNT teacher(not that kind one, is that evil one^.^) gave us a whole lot of worksheets to go home and do, I tell you what, no one will do it, as it's NEW YEAR .

Like, duh . Who will be so dumb to not take their hongbaos, but to do their homework?? Tell me who? Maybe Rachel, cause she wanna be a good girl . But who else??

I really forgotton which teacher gave us homework, but I know that I will comform not do a single one. Why? Tell you already, I forgot!!

And my bloody computer, I'm not allowed to scold any bad words in my blog as it will know(I don't know how in the world does it know?!) it will auto blocked my blog . Same as before . So, alot of people's blog I can't go, so don't ever blame it on me, put the blame on my computer!

WindowXP rawks forever!! Maybe if I said that, it will block my own blog again?? And if I wanna unblock it, I need the admin password, which I don't have and that lame admin is my sister . I think I'm going to be doom forever .

By the way, before I tada, I tell you what?? My sister set a time for me to go online, so if you hate me, then please don't go online on those time :

Mon to Fri - 5pm to 7pm & 8pm to 10pm
Sat & Sun - 10pm to 12noon & 4pm to 6pm

That's all for now!!

Bye! ( I sound bit of like xiaxue .. complaining .. lols.. )
P.S At least my blog now is bad words free~
Please no bad words in my tagboard too~ ^^

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