Tuesday, 12 Feb 2008

by - 5:18 AM

Wah, today mrtan didnt come to school, and school was boring . Trying to remember anything, but cant . Chinese lesson, Brendon never even teach me a single thing . I only know that Zhong Hui and Kee Mong is what con somthing de .. not similar . hahas ..

And Brendon and ZhiFeng is similar ??? I don't think so .

Then after school, went Compass Point with Jeslyn AiAi, YiLinBaoBei & Alethea . Then we all ate noodles . This is my very very first time seeing Jeslyn eating noodles and I know why she dont like to eat noodles at public ..

Then we go minitoons and montip(correct??) and brought lots . And Alethea and Jeslyn brought that girlfriend ring le . So fast!

Then went home .. Monday common test is history?? I must really chiong le!!!
tada~ Watch shows and going to sleep soon . Really hope tomorrow don't have school . School really shucks like your butt .


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