Valentine's Day 14 Feb 2008

by - 5:54 AM

Happy Valentine's Day

This few days so sian and msn keep haiis):
Talking to Sylvia and Edmund now, going to offline le . Edmund, you still owe me my val present horh!!! Monday must remember to bring $$ horh, if not, I'm not going to buy for you le .

Don't think that you can forget about it! And oii! JayChen! You very bad also . Never sms or msn me Happy Val de .. going to find Jacqueline and tell her Happy Valentine ?? Hahas. .. Say is my gan kor, nevermindd lo, you wait and see . =P

Today after school so sian, went to Compass Point(boring) with Alethea and Jeslyn . Okay la .. Then walked and walked, and we went up to Food Court to eat, when Edmund called me and asked me to go down to KFC . His friend, that one guy, whose face look like a pig('look' is not in past tense, get it?) and he damn sickening . Then that guy went to say Jeslyn and Alethea sia, he better watch out, or I really send him to Changi .

Then went to library, and that Kenneth lo, damn late . He like make himself so freak .. then Alethea really cant't stand him . Then after awhile, I also cannot stand him and asked him to go la . Then he very guai to Jeslyn, waiting for her answer to let him go or not . Wah, waste my sms and I'm so fed up, wasting my money . Now left with less than $13 already . Then you might think, it's still alot, but no more free sms, and my message is damn ex and I need to use it for half a year, and do you think I can? This few days I sms alot and called alot, so I'm not going to use it or lending it to anyone, so you can't blame me for not lending or being selfish, as that's my money and when you sms or call for fun, my heart will break . It's my long-term savings and my mom took my $18 for this, which I'm using for fun?!?! and only 1 or 2 weeks, and I only left $13 or less, this is called CRAZY!

Then went home late, at 6 something to 7, so I cannot use computer . So I promise that I must come home right after school, if no CCA, or Dramma or anything else which is Important .


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