by - 12:45 AM

Please to all,

Beware of this person .

She's called Gracia . She's only a primary6 student, who wanna act like a adult, which make her a BIG FOOL . HAHAHAS!!

Her email is ::

yup, she's lonely now .. Waiting for someone to call her .. and more .. hahas ..

her house number is 63882085

Do visit her 'centre' worhs~

She's a ugly brut .. So really, do beware .. Yes, you can mess with her, and you can do anything to her, just make sure you wear protective clothings and more . She's a weaking and she's a hum ji who is afriad to kena whack so much . Do use the word 'Whack' and she will faint infornt of your very eyes, but she will not show you her pics, because she is a ugly brut!!

I really think Jacqueline and a thousand times better than her, so Jacqueline, come and thank me .. She's as worst as that backstabber .

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