Friday, 14 Mar 2008

by - 2:11 AM

Tomorrow going to Bugis or Vivio or anywhere to celebrate my birthday with Fionaa and if you wanna come too, please inform me . 98863589, if correct . Or just call my house phone .
Okay, I tell you what, I'm going to watch 'L change the world' tomorrow, so if you all wanna, then go with me . And I hate BRENDON LIM JIN Ee forever!!! Owe me $$!!!

Tomorrow any person coming with me? Tell me faster(: Thanks!

Now doing shyt . I'm so damn bored at home . Ngee Feng's house? Nope, I didn't went, cause I got fed up of the boys, and don't wanna face them or anybody else with my hair T_T .

Tomorrow's whose BIRTHDAY?? Hahas(:
Today is Esther's birthday(:

Just to think what to do now, fake audi? Without any human to play with me? Nah . What to do now? Whatever ..

English and History homework? I hack care, so please, is there a kind soul or more to lend me to copy?? Hahas .. I will reward you with happiness(:

My freaking neighbour is so fu*king noisy .

Oh, yar my neighbour . I really can't stand some Singaporean, although I'm a Singaporean, but not as kia su and typical as them . That, of couse include COPYCATS!!

Why everytime I play Piano, they have to? And why do my family do something, they must also follow? Are they our worshippers?? Hahas(:

Singaporeans ..

Friendster seems to have lots of problems, I can't go in there without being laggy, and please my computer is a new-born and is just 3 month old:D

Really, what to do now when no fucking ass holes are coming to buy my cheap clothes and shorts and cardigans in my blogshop? Is my shop too little things?? Or what? Fucking hell!!
If you think you're smarter than a fifth grader, then please go .
dumb bells(:

BORED NOW!! Who will be kind to talk to me in msn, or what?? Nevermindd .. go play fake audi and MJ liao ..


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