Mon, 10 March 2008

by - 6:59 AM

Monday, 10 March 2008

Today got choir .. sian ..
Bloody Mrs Liew, took my paper and give me that score that is printed wrongly de .. Siala!! And then that Mr Quek, I really began to hate him to the bloodly core, as he damn make me sipei dulan . Why? Cause he went saying me that I keep out of tune . Arg! i really wanna go back to band le!! Don't mess with me .. hahas ..)x

Went out with Fiona and Flora, with their cousin too . That guy is same age as us . But I think Xu Zheng Yu is still the best^^

Then he went home before five and then we go catch a movie . Both Flora and Fiona good(: pei me watch leap again! The movie is quite nice . But wait for that angmo for 12years . That angmo let down his hair not shuai at all .

The sentence is so cute .. 'I went off from kim's party and reach home as a third party.' Hahas ..
Party girl~ lols .

It is better to love and lost then never be LOVE at ALL . Correct?
Yup, at least that what I think, as I never been in love before .
Next leap year, what new moive will show up??
That qi yu wu not shuai at all!! Arg!! hahas..
Xu Zheng Yu is better(:


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