Mon, 17 Mar 2008

by - 6:10 AM

Gone Off The Wall

This is a the first day of school after march holidays, and after my birthday, after 'my girl' was gone . I was quite sad . Endind was nice, but poor Xu Zheng Yu, poor shuai ge worhs!!

Today Mrs Hwee didn't come to school, make me chiong last min homework for her . Kao sia!! Sci teacher also didn't come, make me carry so much textbooks to school, make my neck so pain . Think I make of metal is it?

Many people saw my hair, and I first thought they will not mind abit at all, and Kee Kiat is damn rude to ask what happen to my hair, of cause I cut it, if not what? I dry it? Shyt you!

Then, Alvis called me 'the girl with weird hair style' . What's wrong with you all? What's wrong with my hair, dumb ass .

And thanks, Rachel, you make a effort to buy me present!(: At least I got a birthday present from class 2B .

Whatever ..

Then someone went opened it .. the clips .. Whatever .. to that hell ass(maybe it open itself?) I guess I can only say if it was opened by a human, then that human, I will curse her/him to go hell and get a baby before 15 years old(: See, I'm so kind(:

That's all, cause I have no time to write as I was too busy on friendster and downloading songs . What songs? Erm .. From the OST of MY GIRL .

Going to look for information on Xu Zheng Yu liao(:


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