Mon, 31 March 2008

by - 6:33 AM

I promised to post up the crack-ed snail pics, and so here it is(: Cool right? Hahas(:
And my Sotong, given by Fiona and Jeslyn, thanks to both of them . ahahs
That ugly guy pic is not me, but the reflection of ... who? you-know-who(:
Today stayed back in school to play psp . Da Jie Fu came school and tell Mr Tan about the complaining thing, full story? No, i can't tell . And then, thanks to Fiona for letting me use her handphone so long and got Da Jie to tell Mr Tan that I can settle myself and then, but I don't think Mr Tan will not prob into the matter, he kpo in all things, so I wanna settle all things and get on with life(:
So to Fiona and her friends, (too long and many names, if I go with you, please I hope you all will not mind) thanks! I maybe with you all for sometimes ...
That's all for now ..
Baka Zhi Feng's psp bo batt le):

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