Sat, 15 March 2008

by - 12:49 AM

Birthday Gurl


Like, I'm so damn happy I'm 14, but I just hate my birthday . Cause every time people are not free to celebrate my birthday, or just don't be bother to celebrate with me . And cause I don't have a boyfriend to celebrate it with me too . Yi Lin said she will confirm with me, but then she didn't . Fiona last min said can't and Jeslyn can't go out . Joey can't go Bugis . Brendon just gave a dumb reason not to go out with me, and I don't even care about him already . Then RICH PIGGY BANK was being locked at home, can't go out . I was looking forward on this day when that happened . I really don't know and was quite upset . I really don't know why, is it I don't really have good terms with all of you? Or you all just don't care?

Oh craps, forget it!

Then since Er Jie kindly wanna go and celebrate with me, so I agreed, since no one is going out with me and I will be too bored at home .

Went to Plaza Singapura and ate at the level 2(i think) *Ramen Restaurant and eat till I wanna vomit . Really full and alot of food .

*Correct spelling? That jap food .

Then went to This Fashion to help Er Jie choose clothes . Fiona then sms-edd me to ask me can go out or not . Haiis): too bad . Gone out liao . Can't pangseh Er Jie and Mummy mah .

Then rejected her): NO SKY OF LOVE FOR ME!!

Then I got so tired and wanna buy that cardigan .. $22 .. SIAO! [in the end still buy lo] Then they both don't wanna go bugis with me .


Then I got too upset, so I kept silent . But don't really wanna show additude ma ..

Then brought cardigan and went home 'round 7 plus .

Ask me why so late? Cause we spent 3 hours in a shop just to choose 3 clothes for my sister .
I only too 10mins to find my cardigan . (shop is 3level)

Fucking Can? Pole can't?

Went into the MRT . Too upset on my boring birthday already . Then this FUCKING BITCH AND HER NABEI CHILD coming into the train .

I was leaning on a pole . Of cause, why? Cause I fucking don't wanna fall and make a scen there! There, she came and asked her child to hold the pole . [Child is shorter then Joey thousand times] Then that BITCH OF HELL grabbed the pole . My arm is lending on it and she just hole and know what? Using her nails ... You know what will happen . Is she a pussycat or what?

Whatever ..

Then her scolding me, and I still remember her words, think I got STM so what?

She fucking said 'The pole is for holding, not for lending.'

Yar, and the chair is for sitting, not for sqauting . You can tell that to L .
[L sqaut on sofas and chairs]

And, knifes are for cutting meat, not for killing people .
[Tell that to Mas Selamat]

And, loser like you don't just stand and hold the pole . You can just dig a hole and hide yourself in or look for a nearest bucket or paper bag to cover your fucking face then .

If not my handphone no batt, I will sure take a pic of you and your child[it's a her] and post it here and write there beware . Like what I did to Gracia Wu . Just don't know what you thinking ..

Yar right, I no backbone la, come pity me sia~ Bitch!

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