Sat, 29 March 2008

by - 1:36 AM

Happy Belated Birthday To Lin Jun Jie!

Today was a damn unlucky day! I took 119 to go to the temple, but then my bus card had no money liao, so I thought if I just bring money can liao . But then, that freako bus uncle told me to pay 90cents as a adult fare . But which part of my face makes me look like a 20 to 30plus working 9to5pm audlt? I don't look like a kid, but as least I look like a teen, right? Eat people's money freak . Hate those bus uncles, early morning at punggol inter eat breakfast so slow, always make me late for school, still dare to ask me pay 90cents?!?

And I'm carrying a packet of eggs, got this CHIJ girl, dropping off the bus, must push and bumped me isit? Are you that fat??

All those bad thing happened, and my mother still nag nag nag, making me pissed off .

And why, does my hair look like ah lian to people?? LOLS . I'm friendly~(:

Saw TeoBing at temple, thought that she will never go liao le . Wah, years didn't see her, then finally saw her, but then mother asked me to leave le and to go rivervale there to eat lunch .

That noodles is damn .. ew~ Making my mouth dry till now . Trying to eat apples, see if can make me better . That stall shucks!

And THANKS FIONA & JESLYN for my birthday present(:
SoTong!! ILYA~ THanks!!


p/s roland still owe me present . shucker!

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