The Story of The Princess

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The Love Story of a loney Princess
By Chan Jing Wen (:

Once upon a time, when a princess saw this shuai ge, her wangzi and fell in love with him . But he was too shuai and if you think that the princess is pretty, then you're wrong . She's a ugly betty, and the prince hack care about her .. She then went to lock herself in her room under all her beautiful rooms, a few thousand rooms below her wonderful mansion . She thought, why she cannot fell in love with that guy ..

And before she starved herself to death .. She saw god, god said to her, you are beautiful in your own way, and you don't need a prince to guide you, you can guide yourself, you can fell in love, and you can love yourself . You can be like other girls out there, and you can have crashes too . The princess cried and felt that she had been too stupid, but she was too late .. She found herself, her soul, and saw her own dead body, lying down there .. Life-less ...

But little did she know, this make her cry more, as when she was inside her dungeon, her dream wang zi called to ask her out .. but no one answers ..

- We must love ourselves and don't lock yourselves in your room . Everyone is their own princess, living their own life, their mansion is their family . Love those around you too .

Xu Zheng Yu is so shuai!! He's my 'dream' guy .. hahas .. must always look at his pics .. he's so damn kawaii, and he is so funny . Xu Zheng Yu is a thousand times better then that Xue Gong Cai !!! That blue max lady also said that .. hahas(:

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