Sun, 2 March 2008

by - 11:53 PM

Today was so fed up by mum and computer . Can't they shut up? And can't that yucky computer show all my pics and blogs and all the webs? What's the point of blocking all the webs, but not porn webs? Hahas, lame shyt . Cannot really understand why this computer is being so stubbon and useless and sickening!!! And this month's phone bill (home phone), I'm going to pay for it, why? Cause they said I use too much time wasting calling into the phone!! What's wrong those people, don't wanna pay bill then push the blame to me . Ya right, PUT THE BLAME ON ME!! Whatever sia~

Then going to upload lots of pics cause my handphone is going to die if I continue to zilian with no more spaces in my phone . Going to cut short short my hair . What do you think?? wo yao pei Fiona yi qi you short hair~ lols ..

Like that lo, nothing to really post about .. Is there anyone reading my stupid blog?? Shut the craps and read my blog !! So freaking fed up for no freaking reasons ..

And so, tomorrow got SCIENCE COMMON TEST, and I'm still on pg1 of the textbook, not reading and doing my posting . And so once again the day is destory, by the powerful common tests . Thanks to all those science teachers!

And Mr Big-Eye-Ball teacher, don't you look down on class SEC 2B!! We can pass the test, right 2b?

Whatever .. no response ..

So going off to study now .. FionaXINGAN and SylviaSWEETIEJIE(guaikai) jyjys~ JUNYANG!! JIAYOUS~

Whatever ..

Tadass ... ~

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