by - 5:18 AM

This is the day that makes my life full of sadness and making me pissed off so much day . Yup, that's what you should called it . I was fine in the morning, althought I'm going to be late to school and saw Jeslyn Tan walking home, hair untied . Maybe she knew long ago that what's going to happen today and so she skipped school, said feeling un-well, but in other words, who know when 'she' will backstabber anyone? Right?
During Art Class, she asked me if I'm angry with her . I said what was I angry with her for and about what . She didn't reply . Yesterday or is it the day before, or whatever, she pissed me off, kept telling me that what Jeslyn Tan told her my secrets and promised not to tell, even I asked her what secrets is it, she didn't reply me .
Okay, I really don't mind her knowing my secrets, if only she told me which one was it, and promised not to tell, and not telling it to anyone . Telling others = backstabber right?
Fine then, I did, and I really did . I believe in her, knowing she will backstab and tell others, and so damn trusted her as a out-of-girlfriend group friend, so that I can really tell her out what I really feel, but I really don't know that she will do this to me .
That afternoon, which is few hours ago, she told Jeslyn things, or was it Jeslyn find it fishy, found out that I'm not really happy with Joey, which to now, was a history . Then we settle all things .
But she kept pushing all the blame to me, why? She's a backstabber, don't think I don't know what you did to Sylvia . Just watch out . I got the news from the reporter . (lols)
But really, I'm grateful to you, as you thought of us, Jeslyn and Joey, will break friendster with me . At first I thought they will too . But they are kind people, worhs~ lols . Forgive and Forget .
Then after they cooled down, we are friends again . Happy Ending! But what happen to her? That poor soul, who thought maybe she did that, she can get more friends(maybe, why not?) and her guess and check was wrong? My maths was always bad, thank you!!
Wow, then even that, she cried . Okay, I did piti her, even when she scolded me, telling me that she regreted making me as her friend . Okay, I was angry and piti her both at the same time .
Then, I said it's all my fault lo . Fine!

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