Thursday, 13 Mar 2008

by - 6:22 AM

Sorry for not posting this few days, but then I really busy . So, I'm going to tell you all about this boring holiday-going-to-end week .


Happy YiLin's birthday to her!!
Hahas ..
Went to Bugis and Vivio .
Bugis got alot of things I wanna buy, but I didnt buy anything, cause I didnt bring money!! Poor me!! Broke liao la!!

Then went to Vivio, as wanna watch moive . Still, in the end, no choices, then we go watch that barbarian show . What? 10,000BC Show lo . What else is barbarian?:>

That show is a love story cum a fighting show . Over all is mainly just pass . And Fiona, Min You and Me kept throwing pops all round . We make a lot of noise . Good thing we sat at the first row . Then behind me got that old uncle kicked my chair, ass hole, so #&#%& la !!

Then MinYou wanna throw that sicky food la, don't know how to spell . In there damn coollldddd .. Fiona and Me damn cold sia .. Hahas ..

Fiona, you lucky girl, next time let you sit with ROLAND . Hahas .. *evil wink*

Borrowed Brendon's PSP, wah, so fun!! hahas ..

Reached home 'round 10pm plus, kena cold eyes from family . Heng .. only theat to confi my handphone only .

p/s that taxi uncle damn funny, said got a couple kiss from a place all the way to YiShun . Muahahas(:


Went to Choir and learnt that dance ..

*hands moving only*

i really prefer to learn breakdance and audi instead .

This looked like me dancing in a mermaid or under the sea concert . Hahas x.x

make me looked like a fool all the time .

You good horh, Fionaa, never come T_T

lucky you .

Tomorrow let's go to NF's hse to copy hw .. hahas(:


Today? Went to cut hair .

I went with Jeslyn to Hougang Mall there to cut and I cut that Shuai Ge, Xu Zheng Yu's hair style . Now I look shuai horh?? Hahas(x

Then pei Jeslyn to pierce her 2nd hole and pei her to school to hand in maths file .

Then now at home blogging lo, going offline soon .

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