Thursday, 27 Mar 2008

by - 6:31 AM

today we, the whole class went to the history thing~ I was with Tako-Yaki and Hanatarou(: That's is Winona and Shahid and I'm of cause the well-known ANGELUS . Hahas(:

Yesterday stepped on a erxin snail, to those who don't even know me that well, I HATE SNAILS and THAT'S WHY I LOVE MAPLE!!! Killing snails in maple is fun, but not in real life):

Stepped on the fcuked damn snail and I thought was a potato chip, then turned back and saw a stepped-snail . Oh craps! How can my life be like this freaking shit!

Well update the pics of stepped-snail in the next post(:
muahahas ..
must eat your dinner 1st, so that you can puke all up and over again(:

Today ate lots of M&Ms and to those people who handed me $$, sorry to say I have to tell you that I will return to you guys at a later date):
Paiseh paiseh!!

Winona expained to me on D. Greyman and Bleach . Me and Hanatarou told her about Claymores, which is super damn nice(:

Must watch sia~ I'm going to watch Bleach now, I only have 10 more mins to watch, oh bullshit!!

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