Tuesday, 18 Mar 2008

by - 6:49 AM

Mindd Champs(:

I attended this workshop, as you can read the titile, it was quite interesting, and nice . Well, that Brad(is that his name?) was very funny, he jokes around and make fun and let us laugh like nuts .

It was suppose to be a 3 days couse, but it crashes with my wednesday Dramma, which the school decided to have it two days, with long hours, which made me pissed off, as I wanted to go home and sleep .

Jeslyn and the rest wanted to sit at the first row to take a very good at that guy, which is not bad-looking and they were all crazy over that one guy named ' Adam' . He's a bit of cute(:

We have lot of fun, but not really what I like to rate it a five stars, as I know, it is not the problem of the mind champs, but the whole sec2express . It's just that they are not that in to all the games and talking . Yes, they do laugh . But the thing is that, they don't really wanted to play games, which maybe was not fun to them .

But, overall I'm quite happy to attend this course, althought I thought at first, why in the hell must we attend a course, which cose about $70plus . But according to Hui Ting, she have attended it before, it was more expensive than this, and the school really did pay lot for us, which at least make me happy(:

That's all!(:

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