Wed, 5 Mar 2008

by - 4:45 AM

I really feeling very down this few days, althought I advertised to lots of people about my blog, but still my feeling is down . What's this feeling called?? I really don't know .
She cried today, and said a meaning-less sorry to Jeslyn in DNT room today . She thought crying will be the best way to solve the problem, but she's all wrong . It doesn't help, it doesn't help alot more than talking . She thought if she cried, maybe she will get the pitiful votes from our classmates, she thought she cried, everyone will piti her and be on her side, telling her to don't cry and help her . But, that's only what she thought ...
She never knew that more people had known the truth, after she thought she was crying and was getting the piti votes, and she may thought that the truth was still uncovered by the rest . But then, people knew .. they knew, and don't ask me how I know it, even I don't even know how they know, or maybe I did, is it I forgotton about it?? I got STM, and it is getting more and more worst . But who can I blame it to? The teachers? Because their work are too hard? Or was it the parents who force kids like us to study? Or was it about friendship? What do we mean by the ship of the friendship never sink? Brendon should know . To him, our friendship really never sink before, although sometimes, holes appear . What do it really means?
Whatever .. Yi Lin and Charmaine are very brave today, maybe because they do that before . That's really so damn cool~ And please, my god, Charmaine's force is damn good . I still need my hand by the way, do you know? Hahas ..
Slacked for awhile . Played with Toilets again, and I bought a DONUT!!! Hahas .. Whatever .. and then, shyt!!
Tomorrow got P.E, right? I'm not doing it, but for the rest of the class, I will change into my P.E uni lo . I'm kind-hearted?? Yes, indeed I'm right? Hahas .. So thick skin~
Friendship is the ship that never sink . -by brendon lim(: (on ddr)

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