Friday, 11 Apr 2008

by - 5:47 AM

Today was another lame day for me . But I think quit KidsRead yet, cause that guy was there to let me bully(: Going to quit soon if I can't cope . Winona's buddy is a good one . Know Ichigo and Naruto all those . Good sia!!

Mine is better abit, not too shy anymore . I took over Brendon's buddy too . He's abit overpowered . Too crapish . But I'm fine with that if he just shut up about me liking Brendon .

The Comic sales was over and gone . Me and Winona can't find them . Today is Winona's first time taking a LRT(: I'm good to bring her to take, right?

Then got free taxi back home, pay by this guy, that sec 4 guy la .. Reach home just going 4 . On the TV and can only hear the ending song of D.N Angel only . Sad, thought I can watch some more ..

I stayed in KidsRead is not because of the kids, or anyone, is because I don't wanna pangseh Winona . Okay then. I'm good, right?

Okay, today Mrs Lim told us to write a report or something like that . Wrote 2 pages and handed in . Thought I'll kena a big offence or what, but then in the end I didn't and I also learnt a few words from Mrs Lim . Chinese . What 'Save Oil de Light' .. Hahaha ..

That's all for today ..

p/s I'll upload pics in the next post . BYE!!

See Hayate Ep18 liao going 19 soon .
Death Note re-watch, Ep3-1 NOW .
Bleach 25 2/3 NOW .
Claymores Ep6-1

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