Friday, 4 Apr 2008

by - 5:51 AM

Look at my marks, I finally passed my math common test(:
That's the Compass Point toilet me and Jeslyn got flush into(:
Today didn't go for kids read, went to Art Room to get my art work done before the art piece is dry up . Then went to Punggol Beach to play . Pick up lots of seashells . Then I picked a shell with a hermit crab in it . Hahas . Then Jeslyn yelled like siao . Me went siao too . Then went forget it and went upper bit to play sand . Wanted to build a big castle, but in the end, I saw 2 worms, yellow and pink colour mix .. Then I yelled, then Jeslyn yelled, then Fiona yelled . Then we run away from Punggol Beach .
Take 82bus to compass, but my ez-link card tio caught by the baka, ass hole, son of a bycth's bus uncle and was forced to tear off my neo-print with my timezone lost contact arcard friend, Rachel . She is a chio bu(:
Wah, I don't wanna, but I have to . Once seeing the photo make me remember what happen to me last year when I got my card . This person who took my card, showed to the whole class my photo and I don't wanna say his/her name . Make me so damn angry, till today, and everytime I see this photo . And I'm going to use a wrapper or whatever to wrap it, so that I'll not see it and will not make me angry too . :@
That's all,

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