Mon, 14 Apr 2008

by - 6:41 AM

Today got History Common Test, sure pass, but not high marks liao . Think I'm going to be like Kira, Light Yagami . Get Tops for all subjects, so must work harder . Poor Light, after Death will be nothingness, which is too sad for him, as that he's a bright student, with this type of brian to compare with L, died and never be born again .

Sad ..

Today went slack again .. Jeslyn kena tio caught by her mum .. then Fiona went to my house slack to 6pm .

Got download alot of Piano Scores, but no printer and no time to learn today .. I flood Er Jie's msn, by sending her alot of songs and she do the same to me(:

Then no time, left 10mins and hurry to go watch Bleach liao .


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