Mon, 7 Apr 2008

by - 6:24 AM

Today went to Winona's house after school, her house was so far away . But then I enjoy myself very much . She got a maid, good one sia~ Wah, got alot of comics and lots of things . Watched Bleach Ep 20 at her house . Ate lunch at her house too . Intro her to watch D.N Angel, same thing as I said, Dark-San is shuai! Right! Agree!

Then went home . Today's common test was art, okay I think I can pass . But I'm surpise that I can draw out my hand in 5steps very well(:

By the way, thanks to Winona for lending me her All-about-Death Note book, must buy for me one too(: Will paid you, of cause .

Brought Tarrot Cards to school, many people wanna read their life, love life too . Then many people wanna read and do themselves . Just go buy your own cards and do it your own then, losers . Okay then, Charmaine asked me to lend her Death Note II 's CD . Sure, if I can find it(:

I support Kira forever, although he killed his girlfriend just to get near to L . But I'm all the way with him, Kira . Light Yagami .

Death Note is a long time show/ moive . Why people are crazy over it? I know I'm, but I'm alway crazy about Kira anyway . Hahas .

Tadas, left only 5mins, going to try my best to watch Bleach . Ep21 2/3(:

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