Sat, 12 April 2008

by - 11:35 PM

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What Zanpakutou Would You Have?
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Wow, that's really nuts!! Go, go, go ICHIGO!! Rukia will support you!! Buahahas !!

Today went to HGS . Hougang . With Fiona and SinYi . Sit with Sylvia . Played PSP, D.J Max . I'm thinking to save money to buy my own, what do you think? Then, I can stop asking people to lend me their PSP . I know that one can't live without their PSP, so i shall buy my own then . Must thanks those who lend me to play before and really thanks!

How to make the D.J Max's screen become full screen?? Thricia asked me to ask that guy who owned that psp to make it full screen for her, then tell him liao, but he said he don't know .. I also don't know . I'm a psp nooby~ LOLS . Then played a last song before giving back, but I think I made Alethea pissed off or angry? Paiseh! I know if a person wanna PSP, it means a NOW . But was playing half way ..

Went home after that .. At after noon, before one . Then took 82 home, cause can't chop a taxi from anywhere ..

Jeslyn seems to be angry with me or something like that .. I wonder is it because of .. .. Today was counted as a bad day then . Going to do more quizzes and watch Bleach, Claymores and Death Note .

To those I made angry, please don't be . *Smiles*


p/s I was hoping anyone would be kind to lend me 'Yuan Lai Wo Bu Shuai' by JJ Lin VCD .
p/p/s Charmaine, I'll be looking for my Death Note II CD for you . Lend to Thricia after that too, you still want it, right??

p/p/p/s Before I end it, if Mabel's birthday is yesterday, then HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to MABEL . If is today then, HAPPY 14TH BIRTHDAY!! (:


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