Sat, 26 April 2008

by - 12:14 AM

People~ OMG, thanks for that kindness to help me scold that SPAMMER?? Who're you anyway? I don't think I know who you sia .. You, my primary school friend? *puke* I just don't believe it . Like Dude, if you're from my primary school, then tell me what's your primary 6 class, and who's my form teacher . Lyn is from my primary school too, dumb, how can you not know her? She's famous de worhs~ LOLS .

This few days very the busy, cause I cannot go online and when can, have alot of admins to do . Like my shops and lots .. Loading Bleach, think can liao ..

Pimples are pain .. I hate PIMPLES!!

Yesterday went to eat in KFC with Rachel, Jacqueline and Ruwaidah .. Rachel said she MISSED me sia~ hahas .. She said that in school, when I'm with Jeslyn, she so don't dare to come near me, said Jeslyn is scary .. Heard that? Jeslyn, you've to be more friendly(: Like me(: BUAHAHAS!!

That's way too cool, we saw Farhana(: (is that how to spell her name, cause I'm so really forgetful~)

Then went home to see DN Angel, finally, but I think it's going to end soon .. Risa&Riku~ Dark-San so shuai!!! Hahahas ..

Jeslyn & Fiona wanna go and do the art work for MYE .. I'm going too .. Going to watch Bleach 1st(:


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