Sun, 13 Apr 2008

by - 1:11 AM

Went to AMK yesterday with Fiona and Hermen, making me looked like a werido light bulb . Should have left them alone or ask more people to go, so that I can let them walk together . But they did walked together .. ..

Okay then, went home late, and fall asleep before the Jackie Wu's show ended . Did WuZun they all found all the items or did they lose? I guess they lost(: Woke up at 12A.M and went to bedroom to have a better sleep then .

Today didn't went to anywhere, cause I woke up late and my mother told me to not go out till the mid year exams are over, same as dearest .

Then done alot of quizzes and watched Bleach to Ep27 now, and Claymores Ep 6 qoing to 6-2 . And Death Note Ep 5 . Half-an-hour more to auto off computer . Sad ):


p/s Dearest reminded me that tmr got history common test!! And got Sci hw too . Later then do (:

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