Sun, 6 Apr 2008

by - 11:56 PM

Hello People,
Here's a piece of good news . One more lovers in my class 2b`o8 . Hahas . Fiona and Hermen(: Do hope their love last long~


Yesterday went to Bugis with Fiona . Brought a NF skinny, heard from people that YG size is smaller than NF, but good thing brought NF de, cause I'm too F.A.T!!
Funny Alien Toot):

Then brought a book for Jeslyn too(; Then walked walked then we lost our way back to Compass in the MRT z.z

Thanks Fiona for your treat, next time will be my turn(:

Just done my maths and sci homework .. Er Jie didn't go with me to look for shades~ T_T

Next time barhs .. next week lo ..

That's all, I got to go and watch Bleach liao . Have to catch up with the rest of the people(:


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