Thursday, 10 Apr 2008

by - 6:16 AM

What Death Note Character Are You?
What Death Note Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime and Fandom

Just took just quiz and I like the answer(:
Thank Thanks Thanks Youuu!!

Wow, I'm happy to be Light . I will be the next Kira, muahahas ..

Today I can't remember anything, but just now spent alot of time restart comp and on, so no time to post liao . I only remember that in Chinese Class, me and Jeslyn AiAi disiao-ing Jacqueline and Donovan till we siao . We wrote on their chinese paper .

I wrote e.g like this :

I, Donovan [Jacqueline], hereby promise to one and other to blah blah blah .. .. Like siao, a promise to god . Then I asked them to sign there, and they did . Muahahas .

That's all,

p/s People tags are reply . To people who wanna me to link you, I've link, and so you must link me too!! Or I spam your blog(:

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