Thursday, 24 Apr 2008

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Thursday, 24 Apr 2008
Hey people,

I'm back!!

Can anyone be good enough to begin to call me by my nicks, the nicks that I like la, cause I really can't stand it with people from all 'round the world has the same name as me, which I HATE the most is that, when another person called "JINGWEN,JINGWEN,JINGWEN!!!!". Turned 'round, GREAT~, he/she not calling me, he/she is calling another 'JingWen' . What a bother!

Really can't stand those people who thinks it's very funny, I thought it's damn dumb and makes me headaches .

So, to another topic ...

What's wrong with my hair?? Okay, to tell the truth, I don't really LOVE my hair now, if not b'cause of the cosplay Winona and me are going to attend, I'm very sure I have cut my hair already . You think I wanna to have a messy hair?? Ask the fans to stop blowing at me or my hair .

Okay, change topic again ..

Tomorrow .. got to run again . Failed last week . Have to run with the boys, what a shame to fail . But I guess I have to re-run again and fail again . Having a bad headache now and I MUST go to school, even ill, mother'll also drag me to school . Hate it lo . Then have to run somemore . Think I what ar? Fate Testarossa ar? Got the speed to run so fast? If got, good then I can cheat lo(: BakaBaka!!

Going to watch FMA/Bleach liao . And even to those spammers, I don't even give a damn if you spam or not . I just care to thank you for visiting my blog, which I don't think anyone will be reading, even if that so .. I just hack care the spammer(s) . Whatever ..


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