Thursday, 27 Apr 2008

by - 5:54 AM

Wah Seh,
today make me so angry was that, Mrs Liew called to complain to Mr Tan(Luke) that we(piano's side) is not well behave . Then she scolded us for 1hr and 8mins to 1hr and 15min . I'm damn angry about this is because I did not done anything wrong and was scolded . Mrs Liew asked those people who did not practise the piano to stand up, but I got . She asked me to stand me . For what?!?
I did not do anything wrong and was not guilty of what . Ask me to stand up for what?
Mr Tan then said if that's the case, that's mean attitude shucks . But I did not show her any attitude, nor shout at her . She teach-ed me the sercets, by Jay Chou . But all she did was to tell us the base in a werido manner . And I don't even understand her a single bit??
Good thing I got learnt it from my friends myself or I'm doomed for sure(: But I didn't even yell or scream at her because I learnt it before or she teach-ed me in a way that I don't understand . I showed her a wanting-to-learn face . And yet all she so was to complain to Mr Tan and include me inside the blacklished list of her not good pupils .
Okay, fine then, where got this type of teacher, mind as well sack her and sent her back to hometown then . I got your lovely, classy video of you dancing, wanna me post up here or even better, upload into youtube? 'Brendon In DDR' is famous, ask people and you'll know .
What's your problem anyway ar? I got do anything to you is it? I got alot of problems already, stop adding piles to me and stay away from me . What's your problem man, what you gonna say??
And my punishment for being 'bad' in class was to stand up the whole scolding lesson after school for 1hr and 8mins . Good thing I was in band's percussion before and stand for long hours, or I'll sure kill you and write down your BIG BIG name in DEATH NOTE(: !!!
After all that craps, I went to Compass Point to slack with Fiona and Jeslyn . Both of them are lamers and totally LOLS . Kept taking pics . And then thing is that they kept BULLY ME!!! Pangseh me horh, you die horh ..
Then went home and watched TV and use comp . Going to watch Bleach and download songs again(:

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