Tuesday, 1 Apr 2008

by - 6:25 AM

Hi People,
Change into a better skin, not so bored right? Change song too, cause Fiona said Bleach Op1 too noisy, so change into a lamer song(:
"dui mian de nu hai"

Also noisy la, but who cares? Hahas(:

Today so bored .. Returned Zhi Feng's psp liao . Brendon is a very not good de pig, he don't let me play with his psp, then bring for what? Forget it lo ): Who needs his anyway . I only just die from not playing psp that's all, I'm in love with psp game, DJmax liao(: muahahas!!

Okay, went to the ivp, Mr Tan brought his DS, and we were so fun . PiYuYu so BHB, hahas, said he's pro in magic . Then we kept teasing him about his love~ his only love~ Ms Lim worhs~ hahas!!

Then, settle on my blogshop things and left so little time liao .. going to watch Bleach liao, I can't wait anymore, need to catch up and I didn't even do my sci hw, and I just said tomorrow then do lo .

Fiona was pulled into ivp(: See, Fiona, you good sia, you can play DS and disiao PiYuYu at the same time. (:

That's all for today,


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