Tuesday, 15 Apr 2008

by - 5:36 AM

Today didn't go to school .. Sick .. Feeling better in the afternoon .

Jeslyn, Fiona, Brendon and Alvis came to my house .. Played and make a mess in my room .. Then played with Fiona's PSP and Brendon's one too .. His PSP no batt so fast ): T_T

Have you think what happen if L is sick?? LOLS ..

Poor me ..

After dinner sick again .. This time is very worst!!! More worst than in the morning .. I still don't know if I can make it to school tomorrow ..

Going to rest liao .. Can't watch Bleach, Claymores and Death Note today .. Sad): T_T


p/s today is Jeslyn Tan 2c de birthday, LOLS .

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