Tuesday, 22 Apr 2008

by - 5:59 AM

People, did you all miss my rotton blog? Hahas, posting liao .. Today Mr Tan let us see that 'We live in S'pore' Song at youtube, load so slow, my comp better la . Go see, is outdated, but is lols . Got PiYuYu's face up there . That BHB teacher(:

Went to play Piano after school with Fiona & Jeslyn, that two pro, and went to CP . Eat in Compass and the KFC is better now, but the lights are as bright as BEST . Chinese Teacher didn't come to school, and the 'wang shang jia dao!!' Let us see the 'Bring it on', is that the show?? And Jeslyn showed me Donovy's EMO pics in his handphone .

Do you know that Charmaine loves to play DJ Max?? She not bad sia, starting play level9 and can pass(: Althought just pass, but not bad . (for a beginner(=)

You know that 'Mi Tu' Channel 8, 9pm got this show, that auntie nags and nags at the what Uncle Raymond, and talks non stop . This auntie very noisy . Damn her .. !!!

Change song for blog, to L Change The World Song . Hope you can stand it(: Wanna me change song then just tell me, okay?

Thanks, and tadas~

Maybe posting this coming thurs .. keep on waiting!!


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