Tuesday, 29 Apr 2008

by - 5:58 AM

Hahas ..
Today didn't go to school, as I woke up late . At 6.45a.m . Go sure kena dentention de la .. So nag nag and nag to mother, in the end, she got fed up of me nagging, so she said I can not to go for school for a day(: Good!!

Went to CP after school, to meet Fiona(: Jeslyn went home to sleep .. z.z then helped Fiona to find a comb, in the end we got all shops and cannot find a single comb, but 7-11 got sell, thanks goddness(: !!! We used an hour to look for one, you know .. Then went to eat and then to the library . Going to study, but in the end, FIONA DONT WANNA STUDY!!! She wanna sleep in the library .. x.x

Then used the computer in the library . Saw Ichigo and Fiona kept on saying what he not shuai, but in the end she have to admit that she find ichigo KAWAII sia~ CUTE CUTE CUTE!! Hahas .. That's what I said, man!! Then, Fiona kept on talking about going out with her laogong and his friends are FUN, and I think she simply loves it~ Hahas(:

Looking for a supplier who can supply me all types of cardigans, contact me xiiaoyiing_89757@hotmail.com NOWNOWNOW!!! Thanks!

Off to Bleach and KAWAII ICHIGO!!

p/s MYE coming soon ... ...

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