Tuesday, 8 Apr 2008

by - 5:36 AM

Today got Ivp after school, went for it late and didn't kena scolding, good! Brendon told me that today is Marcus and Me in the DJ thingy. but when I go there, the 2c girls were already there, Mrs Liew even told me to get out of the office, so rude . Then I go, who cares anyway . Went to Ivp and saw Marcus there, he was suppose to be in the DJ thingy, but he didn't even go . Then the 2c girls take over, let them be . Then Brendon went there to don't know do what also . He pon-edd Ivp .
After Ivp, I need to return to Brendon his notebook and when I go in again to the office, Mrs Liew, that %$&$&, asked, not really asked, but command me to get out . As if I care, then I slowly talk to Brendon on what was happening in Ivp and asked him to do the planning . He asked me to wait for him after this last song for the DJ outside, then went to Compass with Fiona, Jeslyn and Brendon .
Good thing . Brendon got money to buy for me present(: Then in the end, he ended up spenting $22 for a pair of earning, as above, like Xu Zheng Yu's . Wah, so ex . Though is a pair $11, nuts! Then Hermen, the BIG time crab, which belong to FIONA's was here by the call of her command!! He went to call more people down too .
Then finally went home, walked home with Jeslyn and Brendon . Fiona went dating with Hermen . Me walked to Jeslyn's house for her, me good right?? (: Then slacked at her house there, at the corner of 6thfloor . When leaving saw Samatha .
I wonder how was Fiona's date like .. .. ..
off to watch Bleach .
p/s thanks piggy, today's "highlight" is piggy(:

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