Wed, 16 Apr 2008

by - 6:04 AM

Hello People,
Head still pain .. Today, is this the 1st time/2nd time Winona come to Compass Point?? Winona today went and slacked with me .. Not really slack, but shop .. She brought VK Book 2 . Can't find Book 1 . Then she asked me to write it down .. Can you see that, Tako?? I think my comp got problem, can't upload pics, as my phone mem. and comp cannot be connected together .

Slack with her till 5pm, and she when home . GOOD!! Then Fiona called to slack with her, and be a light bulb again .. Played her PSP then went home at 7pm . So LATE!!

Walked around in Compass, wanted to find Bleach Comic in the library, but can't find them!!! So angry .. Saw Mr Leong there too, again . Saw Donovan with a girl(sec1) JACQUELINE'll be EMO!!

Download Bleach Songs in zip now .. Version2 . LOVE THE OP!!

Played computer in the library with Winona .. $1 for 34mins, hahas ..

That's all, got to go .. Watch Bleach liao ..

p/s I can't online liao .. Mid yr coming .. Will updates with the pics next time(:

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