Wed, 9 Apr 2008

by - 5:53 AM

Today was just another busy and tiring day for me . Yesterday fighted with my mum, so she this morning didn't wake me up for school, and I was almost late . Woke up at 6.38AM and it was damn very really late . Packed bag and rushed to school without bringing DNT textbook and Science both text and workbook . Workbook was to be handed up today, but since I didn't bring, so I don't really care . I just yelled over to the teacher, Mrs Ang, at the end of the class, telling her I also didn't brought . If she got a good pair of ears, then she will have heard it .

I'm not allow to on my computer, but who cares anyway? Cause Common Tests start in 3 weeks time, that doesn't mean I can't using computer for the three whole weeks or more!! If that was the last time when I don't have a good computer and when I didn't know what the hell is Bleach, then I don't really care, but this time I'll sure miss Bleach, Rukia and Ichigo(: Claymores too, but Claymores, Death Note and Hayate I missed alot, so I don't really care, but it was Bleach I care the most!!

Back to late for school, I rushed to school without eating breakfast, cause mum didn't make one for me too . Then go to Punggol Inter to buy 2 pack of fruity sweet . Saw Jeslyn too . Then in Chinese class was conficated by "Mrs Cai", or know as " Cai Lao Shi" . Caught me giving sweets to Winona Tako-Yaki, so she took them all . And I was hungry and I just asked Rachel to help me copy down the answers on the screen .

Went to History, done the class test, and I do hope I can pass(:

Just now Janessa called again . Yesterday she called 3 or more times and make me so DU LAN, and pissed off . Watching Bleach and there she called . I was about to go and type finish this post and again, she called and talk craps to me for about 5 mins or more . Shyt her! Can't she just do her own things?

After school, again, slacked with Jeslyn and Fiona till almost 7pm . pon-edd choir, as I didn't bring the scores again . Has!

Dramma is the best thing is the whole day today . I acted like nuts and the food Rachel brought was not really that hot, but was bit of hot and I make it feel like I was about to gone nut case . Then we let the teachers to try out our food .

Before all that Dramma, I went to SPC with Vidya, Winona and Jacqueline and Ruwaidah . Brought Potato Chips and acted like L, with the help of Winona's . I'm so good to let her have the potato chips(:

That's all for today,
tadas to see BLEACH liao(:

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